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Advice About Garage Doors and Springs

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Advice About Garage Doors and Springs

Our exciting new tips page is full of useful information designed to help you handle minor garage door problems and keep your system in good condition. Read on for solutions that will help keep your garage door operating like new!

Get to know your door's security features

We often only think of our garage door when something goes wrong with it, but we rarely consider what we can do to improve the security of our garages. The garage is often the easiest point of entry for thieves, so knowing all of your door's security features can give you an added sense of peace of mind. Check your garage door manual or call our experts for advice.

Purchase a backup power battery

In the event of a power failure, your automatic garage door opener will stop working. In order to avoid inconvenience, we always recommend a backup power battery for your system, this way your door will always open and close when you need it to!

Watch out for the springs!

If the springs are making weird noises or if the door starts to lower much faster than previously, your springs may need to have their tension adjusted and inspected. Unbalanced or significantly worn springs can become dangerous quickly so we suggest you call a professional sooner rather than later.


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