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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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We've dedicated this section to answering the common questions we receive from our customers – we cover a variety of important topics. Just scroll down to discover more.

I can’t believe how cheap pulleys and cables are. Should I replace them myself?

Unless you really know what you’re doing, do not attempt to replace pulleys and cables yourself. The pulleys are at the highest point of the system. One bad step and things can come tumbling down. Injury is a common result of DIY garage door pulley projects.

Why do I need a professional garage door technician?

It is important to contact a garage door repair professional to fix significant problems and malfunctions connected to your door rather than attempt to fix things yourselves. We have experts who are knowledgeable when it comes to the mechanics of how your door should operate - making changes or attempting repairs without know-how can cause further damage and cause more costly repairs later on.

Is composite a good garage door material?

Yes it is depending on what your needs are.  Our specialists are able to give you detailed advice when it comes to this. In reality, composite material is a faux version of real wood and is therefore associated with low maintenance requirements. In terms of aesthetics, it looks like the real deal and blends well!


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